about the plants

Our lavender is grown in ridged furrows on a sloped clay loam field alongside the Stour River. There are grass paths between the planted furrows to increase biodiversity and wide field margins where we trial wild flowers and other plants which are good for wildlife. Everything is grown organically.

Our links with growing partners mean that our crop is grown on site and at other locations from named lavender varieties. We are growing cultivars of Lavandula angustifolia for the quality of scent, oil and colour, while testing varieties of Lavandula × intermedia which yield a higher quantity of oil. We also plant our collected seeds, potentially creating new varieties to grow in the future.

The lavender crop will be cut as bunches and as loose flower heads for pot-pouri. We want to distill flowers for oil and lavender water and develop products from dried and fresh flowers. We can offer advice for growing lavender in your garden and have up to twenty five varieties available for sale.

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