The Dorset Lavender Farm Project Blog March Update

February has sprung the Dorset Lavender Farm Project from Winter into Spring. We have had 2 more successful Arts and Crafts Workshops. The first involved using fabric paints and pens to decorate material that participants had brought from home, or bags created during the workshop. Sarah, who leads the workshops, brought patterns for inspiration or to trace from but people were welcome to use their imagination too, everyone was definitely immersed in the activity!

The second workshop involved making Felt Cacti, which can be used as pin cushions, or as a cute ornament testament to your sewing skills. They could also be further accessorised by adding contrasting coloured spines and flowers. A very enjoyable time had by all.

Looking towards March the Dorset Lavender Farm Project is attending the Women’s Action Network Dorset (WAND) 1 day event in Dorchester on Saturday 9th March. The Dorset Lavender Farm Project will be delivering a workshop focussing on making Lavender bags and learning about different types of Lavender and how their essences can be put to a variety of good uses. There will also be a stall selling plants and products, which means lots of work preparing things for sale.

Also work will start again in the field with weeding and hoeing the rows of lavender.

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