The Dorset Lavender Farm Project started in September 2011 to provide opportunities for people in the Sturminster and Blackmore Vale area. We provide care and support, volunteer placements and skills training for adults and young people of all ability levels, through the range of tasks and activities associated with our horticulture, the manufacturing of products using our crops, woodworking, crafts and countryside skills.

We can provide for young people within or outside of the State Education System, needing an individual education plan to suit their needs, working towards employability skills and accredited qualifications while promoting self-confidence. Qualifications comprise ongoing portfolio assessment with target setting and evaluation (entry level up to level 2).
For adults we can provide accredited qualifications in a similar format: by setting agreed targets negotiated individually, we can give supported volunteer placements to groups or individuals at a relevant skill level.
We can offer therapeutic activity which promotes health and wellbeing, improved physical fitness and a positive mental attitude. We promote green therapy, which is shown to have beneficial outcomes for all age groups and ability levels.

Also, for adults seeking to re-engage with the employment market, we offer either volunteer or ‘taster’ placements, working towards accredited qualifications or completing a series of agreed volunteer sessions, either as 1:1 or in small groups.

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