volunteering and donating

We rely on the Friends of the Dorset Lavender Farm Project for donations of all kinds: Your time, through volunteering; resources; equipment and tools; even your ideas.

Donate time

We always welcome volunteers and it doesn’t matter if you have only a little time to donate or have no particular idea of what you want to do: there is always something to be done and it doesn’t only involve plants. We appreciate all offers of help and you can visit for a few sessions to see the kind of tasks available and discuss what you are able to offer. We are looking for people to help to propagate, germinate, maintain the site and nursery stock, tend the field, help make seed trays, compost bins, trugs and plant troughs for using and selling, administrate, help with IT, promote the farm and help raise funds.

Donate equipment

We welcome donations of hand tools (we have no power), propagating equipment, compost ingredients, plant pots, wild flower seeds, lavender seeds and seeds of all of all kinds, cuttings, gardening and protective equipment. We can also use art and craft equipment, paper, stationery and office equipment.

Donate ideas

We would love anyone with ideas for the project to be involved: It could be an idea to help with field planning, a partnership growing project, horticultural suggestions, or ideas for funding, marketing or enterprise. We are also developing products and welcome advice regarding selling and marketing our goods. We have worked with artists at the barnyard, creating 2D and 3D workshops and want to do more of these activities in the barnyard and also out in the field space.

Sponsor a row or foster a plant

Donate by sponsoring a row of a particular variety of Lavender, or foster a Fiddleford seed grown single plant, created at the farm in either 2011 or 2012. These will be growing in the field, and will be in full flower during June, July and August.

You can also sponsor seed grown wild flower mixes in one of our headland borders.

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