January 2020 Update

Season’s Greetings for 2020! All the team at the Dorset Lavender Farm Project hope that everyone has had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
We had a successful wreath-making fundraiser at Portman Hall in Shillingstone, where people paid to be provided with cheerful, comfortable surroundings with Christmas music playing in which to make wreaths from a plethora of materials. We had various types of fir, willow, holly and ivy to choose from as well as more adventurous items such as pinecones sprayed lavender purple! In addition, we had a wide range of colourful ribbons with different patterns and glitter effects as can be seen in this month’s photo.
The Mince Pies Morning at the Dorset Lavender Farm Project was also well received with lovely home-made mince pies and Christmas cards being exchanged. A volunteer had also made Christmas tree decorations, which were given out as thoughtful gifts.

Looking ahead in 2020 we plan to host further Arts and Crafts workshops, Open Days and be seen at local fairs and events, and very much appreciate your ongoing support.

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